Monday, August 22, 2011

Fantastic Ron Paul Interview With Neil Cavuto

Ron Paul Speech at the Iowa Straw Poll - 2011

Ron Paul Interview With Piers Morgan 08\15/2011

Sean Hannity defends Ron Paul

Ron Paul "ALL The Other Republicans Represent The Status Quo!"

Ron Paul interviewed on local ABC affiliate 8/16/11

Ron Paul "What I Find Fascinating... Perry's First Day Out They're Asking About Federal Reserve!"

Ron Paul "Our Foreign Policy Has Led To The Death Of A Million Iraqis!"

Glenn Greenwald on Ron Paul

The Jerry Doyle Show - August 17, 2011

Ron Paul Interview with Mike Church

Ron Paul Interview With Cnn's Wolf Blitzer 08\18\ 2011

Republicans will have a bright future if Paul wins

Houston Chronicle: Perry vs. Paul: 2 very different Texans want same job

Ron Paul Wins New Hampshire Young Republicans Straw Poll

Ron Paul Wins NH Straw Poll

The Texas congressman won Saturday's New Hampshire Young Republicans Straw Poll by a commanding margin.

Walter Jones cites media ‘arrogance’ for lack of coverage of Ron Paul

Concord Monitor (NH) Declares: Ron Paul Galore! Includes 1hr Video Interview

Chicago Tribune: Why the media likely ignores presidential hopeful Ron Paul

Ron Paul on Fox News: The Most Important Thing is The President Tells The Truth - August 19, 2011

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